OK in the KO

With byes in both the Nines and the West Tyne schedules, and with the ladies waiting for their one last rearranged match, there was little action last week.

The main competitive activity was in the West Tyne Triples tournament, where Trevor, Keith and Brian Norman played a semi-final against the Haltwhistle trio who did for us in the league game last week.  The match was played at Allendale, starting in bright conditions which soon became dull and then dark until the heavens opened and sent everyone diving for cover.  The dampness also brought out Allen Valley’s world-famous midgies, and of course because this was an afternoon fixture on a day that had been dry and sunny as we left Hexham, no one had thought of taking any spray.

However, there was plenty of spray on the green after the rain break, which came after 12 ends.  Prior to that Haltwhistle had started well, winning six of the first eight ends to go to 8-3, albeit aided by a couple of – how do we put this? – fortunate outcomes.  At this point David Boaden turned up as our sole supporter, and (just as had happened when he arrived at the first-round match at Hexham House) our fortunes changed.  In fact, they were totally transformed, as we won the next seven ends, scoring 13 shots in the process, so that we led 16-8 with three ends to go.

Mel Taylor then did draw a very good shot to get a single, but we played the last end with Haltwhistle needing a “hot shot” nine to win, and that was simply never going to happen. In a year when Haltwhistle have won the Cup and gone undefeated in the league it was satisfying to beat two of their triples teams in the last two rounds.

Last week Darren won the West Tyne singles title, the first time that our club has won it, and now we have a team in the triples final.  The same team lost the final last year, so there is an extra incentive to get that second trophy for the club.

I did say there wasn’t much to report…

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