There were again no league matches this week – but with our Open Mixed Triples coming up, plus the West Tyne Gala Day and some re-arranged matches there will be a flurry in the next couple of weeks.

The Mixed Triples report will be added later.  This blog is simply an update on the progress of our last remaining triples team in the West Tyne knock-out competition.  You may remember from last week’s post that we had a good win against a Haltwhistle team, winning 18-9 after being 3-8 down.

Well, you may not believe this, but we did exactly the same in the final – only in reverse!  Playing against Samantha, Penny and George Little, of Allen Valley, we scrapped away in the first few ends, and after nine ends (half-way) we led 8-5.  The only problem turned out to be that from that point on we didn’t score another point, losing nine ends and thereby losing the match 8-19.   We were, in a word, outplayed.  No ifs, no buts, no maybes.  We played the last end for the sake of form, and because it was the final, but when George rolled in the shot on the seventeenth end, depriving us of a three which might just have made the last end interesting, we knew our number was up. It wasn’t a very high number, either…

In one sense it wasn’t that bad a performance.  The first eight ends of our losing run lost only eleven shots, and in two consecutive ends we lost the shot despite having one of our bowls within a centimetre of the jack.  But that only shows how very consistent and accurate our opponents were.

The symmetry of the scoring patterns relative to last week was quite amazing.  Against Haltwhistle we won only three of the first nine ends; here we lost only three – and in both games the score was 8-5 after those nine ends.  The scores reached 8-8 in each match, and stood at 14-8 (for, then against) after 14 ends.  In each game the eventual winners went into the last end eight ahead.  And whereas last week we won nine of the last ten ends; this week we lost nine of the last ten.

For those stats to apply to any game is noteworthy; for them to be reversed in quite that fashion in consecutive games is more than a little odd.  Our thanks go to those brave supporters who came down and shared our frustration, and especially to Hexham House for the use of their green plus the welcome tea and biscuits afterwards.After two consecutive Final defeats we shall definitely be aiming for third time lucky next year.


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