A couple of weeks ago we noted that performances were getting better even if results didn’t always go our way.  Tonight (1 July) showed that we are getting the results as well.

In the Senior Fours, a new men’s competition, our team of Mark, David Boaden, Ken and Keith played a home semi-final against a strong Gosforth team comprising Steve Pallas, Jimmy Curtis, Richard Train and Steven Harvey.   It is no insult to say that (like the Lions in New Zealand earlier in the day) our side didn’t start as favourites – however, scoring a rather elegant sequence of 1,4,1,4,1 on the first five ends created an immediate buffer.  From then it was rather even, with the same gap of 11 after ten ends and then a lead of ten (22-12) after 18 ends – three ends to go, still.

Gosforth then scored a three, and were also lying three for most of the twentieth end, until Keith cut them down to one.  So the score going into the last end was 22-16.  When the first Gosforth bowl pulled up lame the chances of a six briefly receded, but their second, and third, and fourth bowls finished about a yard behind the jack.  Keith could see trouble brewing, but our bowls, while not far from the jack, kept finishing wide, inviting the trail.  By the time Steve Harvey bowled his first Gosforth had five bowls waiting, and when he just missed the trail that made six.  It really seemed impossible for him to miss again – but he did, and the teams shook hands with our last bowl not played.

Best wishes to the team (with Brian replacing Mark) in the final – more details for club members later.

The previous night Darren’s rink (with Brian, Keith and Malcolm C) also won, thus getting through to the County semi-final stage; that match, and also the final, will be on the same weekend as the Seniors’ game.   Friday’s match against a team from Gosforth Garden Village was well contested, with just a few shots in it but once again the buffer built up in the first few ends was enough to absorb later pressure from the visitors.

Two good results, then, to show that we can still make waves at County level.  It’s nice to be waving, not drowning…


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