Long to Rain Over Us

Apologies for the late posting this week – there is a lot going on as we move into June. But we can still review the last week of last month.

May is a famously unpredictable month in terms of weather, and the local conditions played a large part in our games that week. On Sunday, for instance, we set off in the morning for our Top Club match in Whitley Bay in light rain, and the promise of a few more hours as the rain tracked across from the west behind us. In the event, we got there as the sun came out, and had a lovely couple of hours with only the wind as a hindrance – the match report for that game was given last week.

The next day the club held its Queens Cup event in the afternoon, with all manner of outfits to meet the standard of red, white and blue garb. The winners were Susan MacDonald, Mark Terry and Michael Slade, a new member who must now think that winning things is par for the course.

By the time tea had finished the rain had started, which was bad news for the Senior Fours team playing against Rothbury. The bowls were immediately leaving trails of spray, and it was just a question of heaving them up the green more in hope than expectation. (There was general agreement that we didn’t need to chalk any touchers, as the chances of anything going into the ditch, even straight from the hand, were so small.) It was a pretty dismal night, compounded by a bad result – from pretty much level pegging at half way our team collapsed, losing just about every end thereafter, never by a lot but always enough. The Rothbury lads simply adjusted to conditions that much better, especially the way that the green changed pace as it got drier with use, and deserved the win.

The Clegg League game against Centurion Park was also played in light but incessant rain, with players spending as much time drying their woods as bowling them. We had a strong team out, but for reasons that may or may not have been rain-related, we struggled on all rinks. One rink won by three shots, having lost a 9-4 lead to go 10-14 down with five ends to go, before winning all five of those for 17-14. A second rink won 16-14 in a game where neither side led by more than three shots, with that lead of three lasting only for one end. Our third rink lost by five, having been behind basically the whole match, and hardly managing to score more than one shot on any winning end. So with two narrow wins and a slighter wider loss we were all square on shots. With Craig’s rink struggling early on, winning only four of the first 11 ends and trailing 10-11, things were looking as bleak as the weather, but from this point on they lost only one more shot, and 12 shots on the last four ends produced a healthy score of 31-12, with that 19-shot margin of course being the overall difference on shots. The league points tally was therefore 12-2 in our favour, but in truth that scoreline bears no resemblance to what happened on the green., and for a long time it looked as if the points were heading back down the A69. Division 5 was supposed to be an easy entry point for us, but it is proving much more difficult than anticipated.

Earlier in the day the ladies had played at Alnwick in rather better, though still not ideal, weather. The result was another 2-10 defeat, but once again the actual margins on the green were not that great, with the overall shots deficit just nine over the three rinks. As usual, they gave it a really good go, and no doubt will find that the exposure to this higher level improves the standard even if it doesn’t always lift morale at the time!

By Thursday the weather was still pretty miserable, and the West Tyne game against Haltwhistle had to be postponed. By mid-afternoon the green was starting to be a bit spongy, and the forecast was for more rain in the evening. At this point the chances of damage to the green, or injury to players, were growing, and it simply wasn’t worth the risk of wasting everyone’s time to come to a match that might well be called off half-way through.

Conditions remained very mixed into the next week, but we’ll leave that for the next post, hopefully more in line with our regular schedule…

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