“Are we nearly there yet?”

With the end of the season now in sight some of our regular players might be excused a certain weariness, and it was certainly difficult to keep up the momentum of last week, especially after the ladies’ triumph at the Gosforth Centenary event.  That turned out to be the Lord Mayor’s show compared to what happened at Bedlington in the league on Wednesday, as we went down to a 0-12 defeat with nothing to email home about.

On the same evening we took on Haltwhistle in a re-arranged West Tyne match, and things were hardly better.  A very convincing win for Keith Woods’ rink (23-6)  was more than offset by near-identical defeats (8-24 and 7-22) on two other rinks, which left our fourth rink in no position to be aiming for the bonus points.  As it was, Richard, Terry and Mike did very well to come back from 5-10, to not only level but then go into the lead (13-12) with one end to go – at which point the visitors really put the squeeze on and picked up a five to win.

That 6-1 points win for Haltwhistle put them within one good win of clinching the league, which they duly did the next night at Prudhoe. Meanwhile, we were engaged in a “playing for pride” exercise against Hexham House A, and at least it turned out to be the best result of the week.  Mark’s rink were up against a strong HHA side, and found themselves 12-4 ahead before the ultimate score of 15-12 probably made it look closer than it had been all through.  The same could be said of Trevor’s rink, where a dropped five on the last end (when caution could safely be thrown to the wind) led to a 28-15 score.  Steve Bennett’s team were in no mood for festival shots, however, and indeed scored a five themselves on the last to record a 32-7 win.  So at least if we disappointed with an aggregate 51-69 against the champions we could be very satisfied with an aggregate 88-50 against the team likely to finish third.

Tuesday’s Nines game at Benfield was called off late in the afternoon because of a waterlogged green, and the home match this coming week is also off, as Collingwood cannot raise a team and have conceded.  All this is frustrating in a league which has such a helter-skelter of fixtures early in the season – one of those, against Hexham House, will be played this coming Friday, if the rain ever stops.  With a Cup Final against Hexham House B tomorrow (Monday) and games against HHA and HHB at various points in next Sunday’s Gala Day we’ll be seeing plenty of our neighbours this week…



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